iCloud, Facetime and App Store fix for hackintosh

10.7.2 update gives iCloud to OSX Lion users, but not everyone is happy about it as many were not able to access it on the first try.
Both genuine Mac users and Hackintosh users have been plagued by two errors, Follow the guide below to fix those errors.

Update : If you were unable to sign in into iMessage also, check out the iMessage fix here , it should probably fix your iCloud, Facetime and App Store too. If the solutions does not work, come back and try the solutions posted in this page.

error -1

"Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account"

In this error, iCloud does not accept your valid Apple id.

Fix : You should use latest Chameleon 2 VS  Rev1627, grab it from Downloads section.

as an added bonus, if you use the above Chameleon, 
The famous Facetime error,

"The server encountered an error processing registration. Please try again later."

also gets fixed.

error -2

"The device is no longer eligible for creating an Apple ID."

You may encounter the above error even if you fix the error-1 , in that case what you need is a changed serial no in your SMBIOS.plist

So for new serial no, use Chameleon Wizard to generate new serial no's . Get the Chameleon Wizard from the Downloads section.

Check the screenshot below on how to generate new serial no for your hackintosh.

error -3 

“your device or computer could not be verified. contact support for assistance”

Above error is seen in App Store, You need to get your computer verified in order to use iTunes, iCloud and Facetime. So to fix this error follow the above procedures along with the one below.

Use the following key in the org.chameleon.boot.plist in the /Extra

Note : Even if you do not use the Ethernet, it is must to have a Ethernet kext for your Ethernet in the Hackintosh. Even if it is in a non-working state . It is a must for a working App Store.